A Letter to the New Homeschool Mom

by: Anna Molder

A Letter to the New Homeschool Mom

by Anna Molder

Eeek! You did it! You made the decision to take full responsibility for your child’s education and to homeschool them! I am so excited for you and you should be too, for you are embarking on one of the most rewarding adventures. 

But I also want to be real with you. It is scary. 

You will wake up excited one morning and terrified the next. You will have days where you wonder why on earth you thought you could this. You will worry that you are behind, you will worry that you aren’t doing enough, and you will worry that you are doing too much.

You will have days when your child refuses to do what he or she is asked. Where chores go unfinished and where math takes four hours and yet you accomplish nothing. Tears will flow and you will want to quit.

You will most likely start out with a very pretty picture of what your school will look like. You probably read books, researched learning styles, and decided on what method you believe will work best for your child. Most likely it will turn out to be the exact opposite of what your child thrives on. You will spend money on curriculum that doesn’t work. More than once. 

There will be days when you will envy, just for a moment, maybe longer, the moms who get to send their children off for the day. You will wonder what it is like to have so much time alone. What is it like to have a clean house? To take a hot bath or to go to the bathroom...alone?

There will be hard days. Mark my words, there will be days when you will want to quit. 

But, oh, will there be joy! You and your child(ren) will spend days cuddling on the couch with good books, exploring nature in the park, learning, laughing, and living together, which will result in a closeness that is more joyful than you could ever imagine. 

You won’t have to spend your days wondering who is influencing your child, or if they are being bullied. You will be able to speed up or slow down to meet your children’s educational needs. You will be able to saturate every moment of their day in Christ and teaching them to live like Him. Their hearts will be yours to guide and their minds will be yours to mold.

You will get to watch moments of discovery that would have been relayed secondhand to you if they happened at school, if they were relayed at all. You will get to see the moments of delight as your child overcomes an area in which they are struggling. 

You will spend days relishing the fact that you can send your children outside to play during the cool hours of a summer morning or go on a field trip during the school year when the museums are practically empty.

You will get to watch them grow, knowing that you were there for the entire thing, and, most of all, you will know that your child is being raised in a Christ-centered environment. 

You will have days of fear and doubt, but you CAN do this. Let the adventure begin!

Anna Molder has been married to her sweetheart for 11 years and is a Christian, eclectic with Charlotte Mason leanings, homeschooling mom of three. She enjoys encouraging other homeschool moms as well as exploring “real food” healthy eating, and is in the process of becoming self-sufficient on a small homestead. 


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