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Beginning Homeschooling
Getting Started Articles
This article accentuates the tremendous influence a father can have on his son. It is written from Kevin Swanson's personal experience, in retrospect, 25 years after graduating from his homeschool high school. More...
In this engaging article, Todd Wilson, founder of Familyman Ministries and popular conference speaker, shares with moms the holy grail of getting their husbands involved in homeschooling. More...
During summer break, it's inevitable that parents begin thinking about the next school year. Many eagerly anticipate sending the kids back to school, but others are considering whether there might be a better way to educate their children. More...
This article introduces the important worldview concept of sphere jurisdiction. It is dangerous when the state begins to encroach upon the church. More...
Marilyn offers inspiration and encouragement as she reminds us to cherish the moment with our children while they're young. "Learn to savor your children as you look to the future, so you won't have to look at the past and wish that you had." More...

Christian homeschool state organizations conduct conferences to serve their state homeschool community. You will find plenty of encouragement, curriculum, and support whether you are just thinking about homeschooling or a seasoned veteran. Each state board represents hundreds of years of homeschooling experience. Check out these nationwide resources.
State Organizations
Christian homeschool state organizations are a vital resource to help families get started homeschooling. The homeschool organizations can provide state-specific beginning homeschool information and point families to local educational resources. In addition, state homeschool organizations work to protect the right to homeschool in their state. It is important for homeschool families to be in contact with their state homeschool organization.

Exposing a Trojan Horse now available on DVD. Contact your local state organization for details on how to get a copy of this DVD to share with your friends, family, law makers and acquaintances!
For the Media
Members of the media are encouraged to contact homeschoolers in their respective states. State homeschool organizations have identified experienced homeschool families who are very familiar with homeschooling in their state.

Contacts are prepared to provide the media with local homeschool information, state-specific statistics, information on current homeschool issues in each state and interview opportunities.